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Lyness Love

The Lyness insulated jacket was a jacket I didn’t even know I needed until I put it on and wore it out the first time. Living by the lake, I find myself gravitating towards gear that is seriously windproof and waterproof because when it rains, it pours – HARD, and the wind is chilling to the bone. This jacket is the perfect solution, especially on those chilly Fall and Spring days. I have the non-insulated version of this jacket but I must say, I find myself wearing the insulated version more and more. It’s great to throw on when heading out for meetings or down to the yacht club to check on the boat.

The hood is especially nice on those days when it’s teaming out or the wind is extra nippy. While normally fixed hoods can be irritating, or get in the way, the one on the Lyness Insulated is the right size and sturdiness. There’s nothing worse than a hood that doesn’t stay up (I mean what’s the point then?!). The adjustable straps also make it nice in case you want to put on a toque. It zips to just before the chin – doesn’t restrict mobility at all. The length is fab, it hits mid-thigh so it covers your hips and bum. Great for those wet days out on the water or walking around campus or the city. Adjustable wrist straps allow you to seal out any chance of water coming in (because that is seriously uncomfortable when it happens). The storm flap on the zipper also protects from any water entering.

  • Length – check

  • Rainproof – check

  • Windproof – check

  • Warm – check

  • Breathable – check

  • Classy – check

  • Nautical – YASSS

It’s seriously waterproof. You can literally see the rain bead off the jacket. Even after hours of being out in the rain and exposed the elements, the jacket is warm and dry. You can thank the Helly Tech® Protection and layer of PrimaLoft® for that.

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