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Isabel MacRae

Clinic Coordinator/Social Media Marketing Manager


If you’re interested in having a quality, beautiful website you can be proud of, look no further. Would definitely recommend Parker Media to any/all looking to improve their website’s design, appeal and overall feel. Louisa is organized, creative, prompt and reliable – a joy to work with!

Rob Lytle



Louisa and Parker Media Management have worked tirelessly over the last two years to create a consistent and dynamic message for the followers of the Fogh Marine social media pages. We agreed to start small and used only Facebook and Twitter to send our messages, as we developed these outlets we have slowly expanded our channels to include Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest
and Google+.

She has been very pro-active and is interested in pulling us forward as new opportunities are identified. Louisa has been a driving force creating the message for each channel recognizing who will be attracted to each one and keying on the different needs of each user style.

Our success online is due to her company’s efforts and we are seeing an incredible return on our investment as new customers
are able to find us and our brand online.

Monica Doedens

Shoreline Coordinator


Louisa is professional and very enthusiastic in her work.  She came up with fabulous ideas and executed them efficiently.  She works well with everyone and her cheerful demeanor makes her a pleasure to work with.  


Most importantly though, the impact Parker Media had on our social media was amazing and the number of people we reached increased exponentially with each event. 

Nicole Wedlock

Operations & Marketing Manager


A deep knowledge of all social platforms and a keen eye for the fast paced, and ever-changing digital world.

Alexandre Nemet



Have worked with Louisa and have always had a great time and professional experience!

Rachel Schmidt

Digital Investment Associate


Louisa has a strong understanding of social platforms as well as a good understanding of the digital ecosystem. Her knowledge within the fast changing digital ecosystem is beneficial as she keeps up-to-date on new digital products in order to adapt and tailor to clients requests.

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