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Founded by Louisa Bobyk, Parker Media Management was created to help connect brands and businesses with online audiences. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between you and your audience by building a deeper connection through social media. PMM specializes in social media management for small to mid size businesses that wish to expand their presence and connect with consumers through innovative social media campaigns and digital marketing.


While the marine industry is our forte, we also have experience in the retail sector and are always eager to help clients in their chosen industry. In addition to social media management, we can assist with website design and development, real time event coverage, and digital advertising including strategy development, graphic production and yearly planning.

The name Parker Media Management was inspired by Louisa’s grandmother, Ethel, and is an ode to her. Everyone called her Parker and she was a social butterfly who loved connecting with people and bringing everyone together. Therefore, it seemed only fitting to use her name when creating the business as Parker Media Management is all about connecting and engaging with people. And just like that Parker Media Management was born.

Socializing in the digital era.

Learn more about our Founder & President, Louisa Bobyk

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